THE MISSING SEGMENT - Book presentation of the NKH project

Book presentation - NKH project

Event / 30.11.2021

We, Andree Korpys, Markus Löffler and Andrea Rauschenbusch, cordially invite you to the informal presentation of the of the interdisciplinary HfK project on the Nordic Academy of Arts (NKH)
and the resulting prototypical publication:


The Nordic Academy of Art (NKH) was not only the only newly founded art academy in Germany during the Nazi regime, but it was considered the central cultural initiative of the National Socialists in northern Germany. Nevertheless, the history of the NKH is almost unknown to this day.

Initiated by the artist duo Andree Korpys and Markus Löffler and Dr. Arie Hartog, the design project »Re-Findings NKH« begins in November 2020 as a research experiment to dare history, to form a judgement and to challenge contemporary design that, among other things, visually translates political action in our present.

ID students go in search of traces, examine the material of Dr Susen Krüger-Saß's collection and include the present. What happened around us in the past and what is happening today? In the process-driven design approach for a publication concept, the aspiring designers not only experiment and act at artistic eye level, but also draw on the collective and the condensate of history and current (HfK) art.

In the summer semester of 2021, a prototype publication is created as visible visual communication. The image research in Bremen's state archives and in the Focke Museum is an elementary part of the reappraisal of the NKH's orientation towards a Nordic racial ideology and its shaping in art, design and craft. Equally complex are the connections between Nazi art policy and ideology and Bremen's urban history, as well as the influence of local prominent National Socialist lecturers, such as Ottomar Anton or Ernst Gorsemann. The representation of Bremen as a North German city by the industrialist Ludwig Roselius, who wanted to lay out Böttcherstraße in Nazi aesthetics, also plays a role. The multi-layered design and artistic research and investigations, scientifically and topically accompanied by Dr. Arie Hartog, reach into the present.

Sometimes the past seems invisible, but the NKH has left subtle and clear traces through its far-reaching influence in the region. In the prototype THE MISSING SEGMENT, the designers show the result of a direct cooperation and a beginning of the participatory possibilities of speaking together and getting to know each other about the NKH and its interconnections and effects.

There is nothing "conclusive" about this project. On the contrary. It seeks the constant impetus, the participation of all courses of study for reflection, in order to build a transformative bridge - ideally both into the HfK and into (Bremen) society, in order to sensitise people to this part of history.

30.11.2021, 6 pm
Magazin, Room 1.10.080, Am Speicher XI 8, 28217 Bremen
(2G rules apply.)

/ From the editorial by Andrea Rauschenbusch, head of the design project Re-Findings NKH /

/ Photography prototype THE MISSING SEGMENT: Klara Linde and Cedric Müller //

THE MISSING SEGMENT - Book presentation of the NKH project

Magazin, Room 1.10.080, Am Speicher XI 8, 28217 Bremen

30. November 2021, 18:00