mythopoiesis a speculative ethnography of Bremen

mythopoesis - a speculative ethnography of Bremen

Exhibition / 31.01.2020

Pablo Somonte Ruano
Victor Artiga Rodriguez
Icaro Lopez de Mesa Moyano
Masterstudierende des internationalen Studiengangs Digitale Medien an der HfK

Galerie Bismarckstr. 106 Bremen, 28203 Bremen
Projektspace von Studierenden der HfK
Opening/event: 31.01.2020, 7pm, in line with Projectroom Sphere



a speculative ethnography of Bremen

From an imaginary future, we look into the past in an attempt to comprehend the present. Bremen is seen through the fascinated yet naive eyes of foreigners trying to make sense of complex idiosyncrasies through the superficial scrutiny of significant cultural artifacts. Utilizing the colonial tropes of discovery and exploration, the city at the Weser is the object of study of a team of four fictitious ethnographers, archeologists and anthropologists.

The alternate time in which the exhibition takes place is articulated through various forms of fictioning present in the pieces exhibited, as well as in the museography and the accompanying support material. The exhibition will consist of a set of small artistic gestures like photofilms, interactive websites, video, audio and 3D scanned objects. These will explore themes such as maritime flag storytelling, the interesting self-referential qualities of artifacts like souvenirs, the recurrence of the number four in Bremen’s iconography and the usage of the stacking morphology as seen in the sculpture of the Bremer Stadtmusikanten. As well as displaying forms of fictioning already present such as how architectural renders of future spaces coexist with historical buildings in the urban landscape.

As students coming from colonized territories in Latin America we are familiar to seeing past and present cultures reduced to artifacts and inductive descriptions in sterile museum spaces. By employing scientific reasoning and data collection, culture is quantified and human experiences are diagnosed and logged. With these actions we seek to reflect upon colonial practices, power relations and the tools used to understand and depict the ‘other’. Finally, through the use fictioning and playfulness we seek an alternative approach.


Starting in February, the CIRCA 106 (Center for International Research and Collaborative Art) will be launched at Bismarckstr. 106.
In the Center, components and their versions of the Dynamic Archive will be presented in the "Version Room" alongside numerous other projects, making collaborative structures visible and discussable.

mythopoiesis a speculative ethnography of Bremen

Projektraum Galerie Bismarckstraße, Bismarckstraße 106, 28203 Bremen

31. January 2020, 19:00