Nineteenth Salon Digital - Cecilia Jonsson

Nineteenth Salon Digital

Veranstaltungsreihe / 11.06.2019

Irony: A temporal perspective of iron

With Cecilia Jonsson.

Through its nature and abundance iron has emerged as essential to life. The iron that runs through our veins and allows us to breathe is the same element from which the tools were fashioned that have allowed humanity to not only survive, but flourish, for millennia.

In this lecture, artist Cecilia Jonsson will present and share insight to her long-standing exploration of iron, with each project revealing how the mineral intercedes the cycles of matter, fluid, life and meaning. Approaching the raw materials physical and ideological properties from a sensory perspective, as a context, a resource and as a moderator or mediator of other processes. Her research has as a result, encompassed different industrial side-effects to how the ‘iron-loving’ species are transformed by and in-part transform mineral cycles as sculpting forces. This presentation will be anchored in the materiality and processes behind selected works, including projects inspired via a wide range of scientific disciplines and how this fluctuation informs and pleats the modes of operation recurrent in her practice.

11.06.2019, 6 pm
Room 4.15.070, Speicher XI, Bremen


The program for Digital Media at the University of the Arts Bremen launched a regular series of salon-style gatherings titled “Spectacle: Reenactments in the Arts, Design, Science and Technology.” The events have an open format and provide a forum for experiments, presentations and performances from a range of different fields, but with a common focus on old and new media, as well as technologies. The salon thereby enables a practice of reenactment as a way to make things past and hidden visible, present and also questionable.
Contemporary new technologies and media seem to cover knowledge with complex layers of materials, code/sign systems and history/organization. Reenacting can translate obscured knowledge, ideas and theories into bodies and actions. At the heart of this conceptual approach is a desire to turn past events into present experiences—although the very nature of the past prohibits such an endeavor.
The salon pursues the primary goal of opening closed systems and constructions (black boxes). Global power structures, as well as complex processes in development and production—leading to hermetic constructs—have made it even harder to understand science, economy and contemporary media, as well as new technologies. Recipients therefore tend to mostly grasp only their superficial level. The spectacle is a way to condense actions and processes. Reenactment, on the other hand, builds on repetition and history. But the spectacle is a moment in the here and now where everything flows together and culminates.

Organised by: Andrea Sick, Ralf Baecker und Dennis Paul

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Nineteenth Salon Digital - Cecilia Jonsson

Room 4.15.070, Speicher XI, Bremen

11. June 2019, 18:00