Performing Violence

Performing Violence

Concert Performance / 15.05.2022

with music of Gesualdo, Castaldi, Franck, Hattori and Zoder

Performing Violence, is a performance project created by students from the Integrated Design, Digital Media, Music and Fine Arts programs of the HFK Bremen. The aim of this project is to critically examine the question of the perpetuation of violence in relation to gender and its social and cultural ramifications. This project was developed through an interdisciplinary teaching format. The deconstruction of aggression and violence is the focus of this collaborative performance. This project puts forth the question: are there spaces for a different kind of togetherness? And if so, how much close contact can we bear, after such a long time of social and physical immunisation and isolation?

Translation by: Jemma Thrussell

14. and 15.05.2022, time: 11 am
Carabao Bremen, Arberger Str. 3, 28205 Bremen


Poster: Christine Claussen & Ruben Lyon

Performing Violence

Carabao, Arberger Str. 3, 28205 Bremen

14. May 2022, 11:00