Pillow Lava – Lecture Marathon

Pillow Lava

Lecture Marathon / 20./21.06.2021

Dear friend,

I/we would like to invite you to attend the ‘Pillow Lava’ online lecture marathon. The event is due to take part on the summer solstice, 21.06.2021 at 0:00 UTC +12.

Pillow Lava is a newly formed international educational exchange network that has emerged from the disciplines of design, fine arts and their indefinite ramifications. It is also a network that is free from bureaucracy, monetary exchange and fundamentally built on a simple barter trade principle.


Pillow Lava, the event, is a prefiguration of Pillow Lava, the transversal educational program. The inaugural event will include an eruption of lectures, workshops, presentation, performances, readings and various other forms of educational exchange given by artists, authors, designers, students and teachers around the world; that you are now invited to join in with.

The event is to take place on the platform Laptops in Space, a platform that is free to join and for which you won’t need a log-in.


You can find a more extensive presentation about the event and the program via this link: https://www.pillow-lava.com/schedule/
An elaborated version of what the project is about: https://www.pillow-lava.com/about/

If you are then also interested to participate yourself with a presentation or lecture please email one of the team at

The organisational team includes the HfK students Livia Brocke and Brandon Fernandes from the MA studio 9D and Professor Samuel Nyholm. The HfK Alumni Lukas Seiler and Jonas Schell are two thirds of the team behind the platform Laptops in Space.

Keep warm / PL


Pillow Lava – Lecture Marathon


20. June 2021