Salon Digital X href zine - Doreen Rios

Salon Digital X Href Zine - Doreen Rios

Lectureseries / 14.06.2021

A series of four salons that are curated by the techno-feminist publication series href zine. On the occasion of the second issue of href zine being released on landscapes, technoid natures, and symbioses:

The second issue of the href zine discovers and appreciates the other-than-human and the human to be embedded in the very same more-than-human spaces and landscapes. At the same time this issue assembles designed, written, emerged, read and printed landscapes, that derive their form from participation and contributions. Based on this initial situation our agenda to destabilize human exceptionalism and re-distribute agency, will firstly de-territorialize human technologies as indicators of superiority, and secondly to revise and rethink our human technologies as tools of re-connecting with the world. This issue of the href zine dreams of technoid natures, that are shared and inhabited by other-than-humans and humans, everything born, grown and made, mediated via technologies and practices.

is the direction-giving part of link; a vector that links the current position to a new place of interest and makes the movement through a (virtual) space possible.


Doreen Rios : Curating in atypical places.

In curatorial studies, it tends to be very common to have a direct approach to methodologies tha lead to developing exhibitions in white cube scenarios, however these are not the only spaces we can potentially work with. This talk, appart from taking a deep dive into online exhibitions and their typologies, will trace an area of opportunity for working with atypical places. We will explore a series of exhibitions curated and/or produced by Doreen Ríos that open up the conversation about the possibilities of hybris exhibition spaces.

14.06.2021, 6 pm
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Doreen A. Ríos (Mexico, 1992) is a curator and researcher. Her work is focused on digital art, post-digital practices and new materialities. Founder of [ANTI]MATERIA, an online platform dedicated to the research and exhibition of art produced through digital media, Ríos seeks to facilitate international exchanges between artists, curators, researchers and art professionals interested in digital and post-digital practices through online/physical/hybrid exhibitions. Ríos graduated from the MA in Contemporary Curation at Winchester School of Arts, specializing in digital cultures, and from the BA in Architecture at Tec de Monterrey. Simultaneously, she is chief curator at the Centro de Cultural Digital and lecturer at CENTRO and Tec de Monterrey.

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Salon Digital X href zine - Doreen Rios


14. June 2021, 18:00