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Continuing professional development: "Elementary music education in early childhood care"

An increasing awareness of the need for more holistic approaches to early childhood education has resulted in a call to heighten the role of music education in daycare centres. In response to this need, the University of the Arts will launch a continuing professional development programme – "Elementary music education in early childhood care" – in September 2012. The programme will be 15 months in duration and can be attended alongside regular employment.

Target group:
This programme is tailored to the needs of early childhood carers and teaching staff in daycare centres (KiTa) for children aged from three to six who would like to include music in their practice – both in everyday care and in special music sessions.
Preschool teachers employed in daycare centres.
Senior staff members of daycare centres with degree-level qualifications in the fields of social pedagogy or preschool education and care.
Logopedists, occupational therapists, and other specialist staff who practice in daycare centres.