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  • Podium Alte Musik

    KulturAmbulanz - Haus im Park, Züricher Str. 40

    Podium Alte MusikApril - Dezember 2019 um 16 h / Konzertreihe mit Studierenden der Abteilung Alte Musik der Hochschule für Künste Bremen in der KulturAmbulanz - Haus im Park Bremen (Züricher Str. 40). Der Eintritt ist frei.

  • Mittagskonzert Klavier

    Konzertsaal der HfK Bremen, Dechanatstr. 13-15

    Mittagskonzert Klavier2. September 2019 - 13 h / Einstündiges Mittagskonzert mit Jorge Caro im Konzertsaal der Hochschule für Künste Bremen. Student der Klasse Prof. Patrick O'ByrneDer Eintritt ist frei.

  • Musik um 6: Klarinette

    Haus der Wissenschaft, Sandstraße 2-4, Bremen

    Musik um 6: Klarinette3. September 2019 - 18 h / Klarinettenkonzert mit Anna Theresa Schakow im Olbers-Saal vom Haus der Wissenschaft Bremen. Der Eintritt ist frei.

  • The Dynamic Archive: Ho Tzu Nyen

    Edith-Russ-Haus, Katharinenstraße 23, 26121 Oldenburg

    Ho Tzu Nyen - Some Notes on the Critical Dictionary of Southeast Asia Vortragsreihe „The Dynamic Archive“/ 04.07.2019Akin to an organism, The Critical Dictionary of Southeast Asia (CDOSEA) is part of an ongoing project that grows, generates and provides critical insight into the pluralistic definitions of the territories under this nomenclature.Born out of the ambiguity inherent in the term ‘Southeast Asia’, the work considers what makes up an area not unified by language, religion or political power and uses an algorithmic system to generate an “endless series of possible Southeast Asias”, which collectively form a torn yet interconnected terminological territorial tapestry.Described as a platform facilitating ongoing research, a matrix for generating future projects and an oracular montage machine, the CDOSEA consists of a is an algorithmic “Abécédaire” in an infinite loop, made up of video materials detourned from online sources and recomposed in endless variations by algorithms created in collaboration with Jan Gerber and Sebastian Lütgert (0 x 2620).Ho Tzu Nyen will speak about the Dictionary and the projects it gave rise to, for example The Nameless (2015), One or Several Tigers (2018)04.07.2019, 18 UhrAuditorium, Speicher XI, BremenHo Tzu Nyen wird ein Lehrangebot zusammen mit Sebastian Lütgert in WS2019/20 an der HfK anbieten.Beispielhafte Videoarbeit von Ho Tzu Vortrag ist Teil der Vortragsreihe und des Projekts "The Dynamic Archive":

  • Internationale Konferenz zur Laute

    HfK Bremen, Dechanatstr. 13-15

    1. Internationale Konferenz zur Laute in der Hochschulausbildung27. bis 29. September 2019 / Die Deutsche Lautengesellschaft, in Zusammenarbeit mit der Hochschule für Künste Bremen, lädt Sie herzlich zur 1. Internationalen Konferenz zur Laute in der Hochschulausbildung ein. In einer Reihe von Vorträgen (auf Englisch) und Podiumsdiskussionen sollen Themen behandelt werden, die für Lehrende und Studierende im Lautenstudium von Interesse sind. Die Vortragenden unterrichten Laute und Theorbe an Hochschulen weltweit, aktiv oder emeritiert, darüber hinaus sind auch Gastredner mit besonderen Fachkenntnissen eingeladen. Es besteht nicht die Absicht, eine Standardisierung der Ausbildung im Lautenspielen anzustreben, vielmehr sollen die fortschreitenden Erkenntnisse im Rahmen der Alten Musik und der Aufführungspraxis der letzten Jahrzehnte dokumentiert und diskutiert werden. Wir hoffen, dass bei diesen Erkundungen Neugierde und Frische zum Tragen kommen, die sonst so oft wegen anderer Belange zurückgestellt werden. Diese Konferenz sucht nach Wegen, wie an dieses große Repertoire so differenziert und anschaulich wie möglich herangegangen werden kann, ohne dabei weder die historischen Quellen noch die Realitäten des 21. Jahrhunderts außer Acht zu lassen. Es ist unsere Hoffnung, dass die durch diese Konferenz angeregte Diskussion und Zusammenarbeit der nächsten Generation nützen wird und dass solche Begegnungen neue Einsichten und ein höheres Niveau der Lehre und Aufführungspraxis fördern. Die Teilnahme ist kostenlos, und Gasthörer (auch Studierende aller Niveaus) sind willkommen!27. September (17:30 h) bis 29. September (14:00 h) Hochschule für Künste BremenDechanatstraße 13-15AnmeldungBitte melden Sie sich bis 30 August 2019 an: luteconference@gmail.comReferent:innen Anthony Bailes: “Over Stars and Under Bridges - A Case-Study in Authority: Right-Hand Placement” Pascale Boquet: “Teaching lute to children”Paul O’Dette: “Teaching historical lute technique in the 21st Century: What do we really know and how can we reconstruct what is not adequately documented?”Xavier Diaz-Latorre: “Improvisation and composition on the baroque guitar within the context of HIP”John Griffiths: “Historical Pedagogy - education to match our performance aspirations”Joachim Held: “Teaching Basso Continuo at the Master Level”Jakob Lindberg: “Reflections on how to prepare the aspiring lutenist for the real and the virtual world of the 21st Century”Michael Lowe: “The historical lute; what lute teachers need to know”Nigel North: “TUT, TUT or the well-articulated lutenist - Articulation in lute music, 1500-1750” Franco Pavan: “Pedagogical implications of the ‘Library of Tablature’, a newly discovered collection of lute music (c. 1580-1640)”Bor Zuljan: “Ricercar una fantasia: teaching contrapuntal improvisation to lute students”Direktoren der Deutschen Lautengesellschaft: Peter Croton (Schola Cantorum Basiliensis & Hochschule der Künste Bern, Vorsitzender der Deutschen Lautengesellschaft) Joachim Held (Hochschule für Künste Bremen & Königlichen Konservatorium in Den Haag)

  • The Dynamic Archive - Eva Meyer-Keller

    Raum 4.15.070 (Großer Theorieraum), Speicher XI, Bremen

    Eva Meyer-Keller - On the long lasting intimacy of strangersVortragsreihe / 23.10.2019“On the long lasting intimacy of strangers”Zu Gast ist Eva Meyer-Keller.Multi-disciplinary artists Eva Meyer-Keller and Ilya Noé started their shared dialogue in summer 2018, and since then have been slowly and consistently interweaving their practices and storylines with pointed intensity, intent and intimacy. In their lecture performance, which draws its title from a quote by Donna Haraway paraphrasing Lynn Margulis about how new life comes into being, Eva and Ilya will reflect on their present shared research located along the blurry boundary between scientific and artistic knowledge production. In addition, they will put a selection of their past works on stage and in conversation with each other as an attempt to share with the audience the unexpected effects and affects of their co-laborings, and to allow for new (re)readings, (re)phrasings, and symbiotic connections to continue to emerge. 23.10.2019, 18 UhrRaum 4.15.070 (Großer Theorieraum), Speicher XI, Bremen+ Workshop am: 25.02. bis 02.03.2020Schwankhalle Bremen, Buntentorsteinweg 112/116, 28201 BremenWorkshop im Kontext des Dynamic Archive:“The best thinking starts with speechlessness”Informed by their newly established co-laborings and guided by a quote they can’t place, artists Eva Meyer-Keller and Ilya Noé will set up a short-term laboratory in which their research around the limits of what can be seen and what can be known will be used as a method to activate different modes of seeing, knowing, and making.Participants will be asked to leave behind any predetermined ideas of what they might want to explore or experiment with, and to simply start playing without feeling any pressure to be concise, coherent or even legible, so as to enter in an ongoing process of experimentation, interrogation and mutual exchange that resists clarity or final conclusions. Responsiveness to emergent and/or shifting urgencies will be foregrounded and stimulated, and the extreme difficulty of speaking of things that are new and in process will be fully embraced in the hope that new impulses and ways of (co-)practicing will materialize for all.The lab is open to artists from all fields with an interest in performance, who like to play and speculate along, (feed)back and forth, get lost, make a mess, and stay engaged. 10-12 participants.---Biographie:Eva Meyer-Keller works at the interface of performance and visual art. Before graduating from the School for New Dance Development (SNDO) in Amsterdam she studied photography and visual art in Berlin (HdK) and London (Central St. Martins and Kings College). Her artwork is distinctive due to its meticulous attention to detail. Eva often uses everyday objects from her immediate surroundings, things that she finds at home, in the supermarket or in the tool shed. This inevitably lends the work an obsessive, domestic aesthetic. Her working method is marked by a constructive disregard for the imposition of any boundary between visual and performing arts. Her works include the performances DEATH IS CERTAIN (from 2002 and performed in more than 200 venues around the world since), PULLING STRINGS (KunstenFestivaldesArts, Brussels, 2013), the installations VOLKSBALLONS (2004 Palast der Republik, 2013 Centre Pompidou-Metz) und HANDMADE (NGBK Berlin, Bonniers Konsthall Stockholm, Palais de Tokyo Paris). Currently she is working on a trilogy of performance works in dialogue with natural scientists focusing on how models do not just describe reality, but rather they create their own. The first part titled SOME SIGNIFICANCE premiered in November 2017, while LIVING MATTERS, the second part, will open in November 2019 in Pact Zollverein in Essen. Eva develops projects alone and in collaboration with other artists, such as Uta Eisenreich, Sybille Müller Kate McIntosh and Ilya Noé. She also lends herself as a devisor and performer to other choreographers and works as a dramaturgical advisor/mentor. She has worked with Baktruppen, Jérôme Bel, Christine De Smedt/ les Ballets C de la B (9x9), Juan Dominguez and Agnes Meyer-Brandis. Since 2010 she has ongoing teaching positions at several degree programs across Europe amongst others at the HZT/UdK and Bard College in Berlin, DOCH and the MA course 'The Autonomous Actor' in Stockholm, ZHdk in Zürich and the University of Hildesheim.Ilya Noé is a former gymnast turned visual/performance artist-researcher, eager collaborator, sporadic curator, compulsive walker, and fan of deer, trees, fungi, foxes, interspecies entanglements, mutualistic processes, slow research, messy theory, intellectual promiscuity, epistemological uncertainty, taoist dialectics, open-ended storytellings, ellipses... Born and mostly assembled in Mexico City, she moved to New York to study at the School of Visual Arts when she was still a teen, and has since expanded her zone of propagation by popping up on all sides of the Atlantic and the Pacific to trace lines and build spaces by hand, on foot, and in co- creation with both humans and non-humans alike. Ilya now lives and loves in Berlin where she was one of the organizers the Month of Performance and is one of the founders of the city’s Association for Performance Art. She often teaches and mentors BA and MA students while engaged in an increasingly erratic and awkward dance with her own (PhD) thesis, which takes its core cue from the non-metaphoric intimacy between roots and rhizomes: the mycorrhizal. The somewhat recently discovered joint tissue produced by the synergetic relationship between plants and fungi, along with her practiced concepts of the sporadic, the sporous, and the eco-particular, keep pushing her subjectivity and relations into more distributed, vulnerable, and co-extensive pathways. Ilya recently showed her work at the 12th Biennale of Shanghai, represented her country in Venice’s OPEN2000, became a UNESCO-Aschberg Laureate, and was recipient of Mexico’s National Young Art Award. A special guest at both the European Landscape Biennial (Spain) and the International Biennial of Cerveira (Portugal), she has also shown at the Boston Center for the Arts (USA), Centre d’Art Santa Mónica (Barcelona), Centro Nacional de las Artes (Mexico City), AC Institute (New York), TRAFO (Poland), CAS Osaka (Japan), Excentricités Festival (France), Visions_V (Greece), and PerforMensk (Belarus), among others. She has been artist-in- residence at prestigious institutions such as the Banff Centre for the Arts (Canada), Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik (Berlin), Campo Arqueológico de Mértola (Portugal), Museu de Sant Pol (Barcelona), and MacLaughljn Natural Reserve (USA). Her work is represented in European, Asian, and North American public collections.

  • Abschied aus der Unteren Rathaushalle

    Sechs Wochen lang war die Ausstellung „Destination unknown_ Wo wollen wir hin?“ mit Arbeiten von HfK-Studierenden in der Unteren Rathaushalle Bremen zu sehen. Etwa 1.000 Besucher*innen täglich haben die dreizehn Exponate aus Integriertem Design, Freier Kunst, Digitalen Medien und Musik im denkmalgeschützten Rathaus besucht.

  • Pressemitteilung: Finale mit Paukenschlag: Bremer Kunst- und Musikstudierende freuen sich über den großen Publikumszuspruch für ihre kritischen Kunst-Interventionen

    Noch bis 10. August: Hochschule für Künste Bremen in der Unteren Rathaushalle

  • Lukas Stöver, BA-Student Digitale Medien, erhält Stipendium der Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes

    Lukas Stöver, aktueller BA-Student der Digitalen Medien an der HfK Bremen, wurde von der Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes mit einem Stipendium ausgezeichnet. Die damit verbundene ideelle und finanzielle Förderung wird ihm für das aktuelle Semester und das daran anschließende Masterstudium ab Wintersemester 2019/2020 gewährt.

  • Beor Lee wird mit Steinway Förderpreis Klassik ausgezeichnet

    HfK-Student (Master of Music, KA Hauptfach Klavier bei Prof. O’Byrne) wird Preis im Herbst in Hamburg verliehen