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Diploma Exhibition I - Rang Lee & Jiwoo Park

Diploma Exhibition I 2021 Wintersemester

Rang Lee & Jiwoo Park


From September January 21st to April, graduates of the Fine Arts will be exhibiting their final works at various locations in Bremen as part of the 2020 diploma exhibitions. The works will be exhibited at different places and on different dates: at Speicher XI, in the gallery of the Dechanatstraße, the Galerie Mitte and Tor40 at the Güterbahnhof. Since the diploma exhibitions can unfortunately not be open to the public due to the current hygiene regulations, we will successively offer insights into the works - ranging from painting and drawing, installation and sculpture to film and performance.

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Rang Lee - missing Paris

21. bis 24.01.2021, Nebenflut, Am Speicher XI 8

How to build the most iconic city in the world.

No single picture in this exhibition shown is taken in Paris
These pictures were taken in everyday life in Bremen or in Korea sometimes during the travel to Italy.
I selected the pictures that look like Paris in personal point of view.

I'm asking here, without any notice about this background concept, How you can imagine the most iconic city in the world in personal way and which space you will build.

I take the crack between images and information as a playground to create private experience which can never be shared with others, which can naver be same with others


Photos by: Ana Rodriguez Heinlein


Jiwoo Park - Things about cut off

21. bis 24.01.2021, Galerie Flut, Am Speicher XI 8

series of photos, inkjet prints

1-channel video, stereo, 6min 30sec

'Sometimes the anxiety is so powerful and so pressing (since that is the word's etymology) that it becomes necessary to do something. This "something" is naturally (ancestrally) a vow.'
— Roland Barthes


Photos by: Ana Rodriguez Heinlin



Exhibition graphics: Dominik Hirtel