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Diploma Exhibition - Torge Meyer & Finn Klammer

Diploma Exhibition III 2021 Sommersemester

Torge Meyer & Finn Klammer


Also in sommersemester 2021 the graduates of the Fine Arts will be exhibiting their final works at various locations in Bremen as part of the 2021 diploma exhibitions. Since the diploma exhibitions can unfortunately be open to the HfKpublic only due to the current hygiene regulations, we will successively offer insights into the works - ranging from painting and drawing, installation and sculpture to film and performance.

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Torge Meyer & Finn Klammer - Heckenreiter & Stahlpylone

08. to 10.07., Galerie Dechanatstraße. Dechanatstraße 13-15, 28195 Bremen
Registration via: (9 persons each slot)



Torge Meyer - The detection and study of abnormal behaviors and then a couple of other things that interested me in Marseille

The works show some artistic investigations and researches made during a long stay in Marseille. It is about the CADA, CCTP, CCAP, CNIL and the CSU, the ODTP, Big DATA, EUROMED, ECO, SMART, ENGIE, INEO, SENF, HANWHA and marginally also about DISCRET, GIRAFE, MAASTER, EASIMOB and OKLOS as well as the C4MCA and how it is then dealt with.


Fotos: Ana Rodriguez Heinlein


Finn Klammer - tba

In Finn Klammer's drawings, the viewer can sense many possibilities of images in the structures, for example, in the form of a tree bark. However, these associations are not elaborated. The draftsman strongly adheres to the structure of the tree surface or other natural features.

The various natural monuments radiate their own mystery in the drawings. Purposeful spatial and exact reproduction of nature, which then in turn blows away in dissolving drawing, have a clearly thought-out composition. Light and shadow setting is an important component here. The experience of nature in connection with the unconscious can be seen here.


Photos: Ana Rodriguez Heinlein