Lectureseries Messing with the Narrative - Roberto N Peyre

Messing with the Narrative – Roberto N Peyre

Lectureseries / 02.07.2021

University-wide lectures in the context of the Masterstudios School of Visual Combinations, ID at the HfK.

On Sonorous Objectives & Transmuting Resonances - Probing the Revolutionary Unconscious

An Artist presentation taking as its departure the recent pasts, presents and near futures in terms of aural occultures, sonic geographies, migrating possessions and ethnogenic biopolitics.

- SonAxis: A recent research, exhibition and intervention commissioned by the Ethnographic Museum of Stockholm.
- Labryo: A forthcoming choreography and installation for and with The Weld Company (Sthlm) and Achi Tavola Tonda Ethomusicological Institute in Palermo.
- Atlantis: A research being outlined, dealing with the Swedish-Caribbean (triangular trade) colonial legacies in relation to the botanical archives and cultures of Stockholm and Haiti.

Friday, 02.07.2021, 10:00 to 12:00
Online via MS Teams:

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Roberto N Peyre is an interdisciplinary artist of transatlantic origins based in Stockholm, Sweden. Peyre is a board member for experimental music, sound- and performance art at co-op Fylkingen (Stockholm), functions as part of creative team at Konsthall C (Stockholm), is part of The Ghetto Biennale team in Port au Prince, Haiti.


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#SonAxis - Poster (Video detail).

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#SonAxis - Research detail: White guardian of the Dead, Congo Brazzaville, Missionary Collections, Museum of Ethnograpy, Stockholm.

Lectureseries Messing with the Narrative - Roberto N Peyre


02. Juli 2021, 10:00