Workshop – Vera van de Seyp & Charlotte Rohde

Vera van de Seyp & Charlotte Rohde – Typeface is a Dancer

Workshop / 17. – 19.01.2022

In our three-day-workshop we will design modular and variable type and use it as an instrument of language. Our angle is to examine the role of the individual in the larger picture and to abstractly project the idea of demoncracy onto type.
We see the origin of variable type in the designs of the Dutch modernists in the sixties, especially Total Design’s ‘Ahoi Typeface Wissing, Kowalke and Holt). Looking at the past, and especially a critical eye on Modernism, we will reinterprete the mechanics of this concept.

Day 1 (Meetingpoint Magazin, R 1.10.080)

10-11h Introduction Round
11-13h Drawing Excercises
13-14h Lunch
14-17h Concepting and Designing the single Modules

Day 2

10-11h Glyphs Introduction
11-13h Individual talks
13-14h Lunch
14-15h Typeface Coding Class??
15-17h Freies Arbeiten/Offene Betreuung

Day 3

10-13h Freies Arbeiten/Offene Betreuung
13-14h Lunch
14-17h Präsentation

Registration via: (12-15 participants)


Vera van de Seyp (NL, *1993, she/her) works as a graphic designer and creative coder. Her work revolves around creative collaborations with artificial intelligence, experimental (sometimes ugly) typefaces, human as well as machine languages, and finding human glitches within avant-garde technologies. Vera is based in Amsterdam, teaching at ArtEZ, Arnhem and KABK, The Hague and giving workshops and lectures across the world.

Charlotte Rohde (DE, *1992, she/her) is a (type-)designer and artist, currently based in Amsterdam where she studied at the Sandberg Instituut. Charlotte’s practice is rooted in her research on letters as an extension of the body in relation to hyperfemininity, hydrofeminism and (self-)control. Charlotte creates typefaces, typographic prints, books, sculptures and spatial installations as well as writing poetry and essays, baking bread as language, giving workshops and hosting various events.

Workshop – Vera van de Seyp & Charlotte Rohde

Magazin, Raum 1.10.080 und Auditorium, Am Speicher XI 8, 28217 Bremen

17. Januar 2022, 10:00