Exhibition – Bunterland

Exhibition – Bunterland

Exhibition / 12. – 15.05.2022

Mi-El Kwak exhibits with guests Atsushi Mannami and Haruka Mogi on the "Dauerwelle".

Miel Kwak invites her two artist colleagues Haruka Mogi and Atsushi Mannami to the exhibition "Bunterland" on the ship "Dauerwelle".
Miel Kwak, Haruka Mogi and Atsushi Mannami show works that, for all their diversity, have something in common - the lush, the growing plays a central role.

From everyday objects that develop an unexpected life of their own and memories of childhood, Miel Kwak creates her very personal, very colorful cosmos. Her painting oscillates between grotesque cheerfulness and motley abyss.

Haruka Mogi deals with the portrait. She is not concerned with photographic images, but with the depiction of pre-linguistic emotions and associations. Trees, planted in flower pots, are for her, in a figurative sense, representations of strong people.

Atsushi Mannami's ceramic works deal with senselessness, imperfection, and transience in two ways-painting and sculpture-using mainly architecture as a motif. In his sculptural works, he uses an archaeological approach to collect anonymous objects, architectures, and temporary landscapes hidden in everyday life and reconstructs them as "meaningless architecture" without function.

Opening: 12.05.2022, 5 pm
Exhibition: 13. – 15.05.2022, each 4 to 8 pm
Ship Dauerwelle, Jetty at the Weserburg, 28199 Bremen

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Exhibition – Bunterland

Ship Dauerwelle, Jetty at the Weserburg, 28199 Bremen

12. Mai 2022, 14:00