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Quintett Klaire: CD-Release and -Konzert

September 2022


Groove, Swing, Humour and Melancholy

Quintett Klaire: Students at the HfK release a CD titled "Hi Fly" and perform on the "Dauerwelle"

Quintett Klaire came up with the idea to produce an album about a year ago, based on the desire of band leader Klara Schwabe “to create and preserve a snapshot of studies in vocal jazz performances.” Their debut album “High Fly” will be released on September 1, 2022.

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The five musicians have built up experiences performing in diverse
lineups and ensembles during their studies at the HfK. Their repertoire
includes standards by legends such as Duke Ellington, Chick Corea and
Bill Evans, but they increasingly turned out compositions of their own.
They created Quintett Klaire as a vehicle for their multi-facetted ideas
at the end of 2020. They won the University Prize of the Music
Department in the category for ensembles endowed with 1250 Euros.

of the Jury: “Quintett Klaire creates excitement by the balanced
quality of their sound as the voices of instruments and singers melt
into an harmonious whole. The five musicians furthermore delivered a
compelling performance defined by strong energy on their instruments,
rhythmical precision and interactions that were exactly timed. They
performed a fantastic set of tunes and arrangements by Cole Porter,
Chick Corea and Bill Evans, among others, with a whole lot of groove,
swing, wit and melancholy: highly varied and really cool!”

The CD
features interpretations of: “Bud Powell” (Chick Corea), “Hi Fly” (Randy
Weston), “Dream Dancing” (Cole Porter), “B Minor Waltz” (Bill Evans /
lyrics: Klara Schwabe), “Blues for Wood” (Woody Shaw) and “I’m gonna go
fishin'” (Duke Ellington/Peggy Lee). In addition the album presents
“Gedanken um Schnittlauch” (composition: Lea Baciulis / lyrics: Klara

The launch party for the CD is set for September 3 at 8
pm aboard the “Dauerwelle.” According to the band, the musicians are
catapulting “their joy of playing and shared love of jazz directly into
the audience.” The musicians are promising an “energetic listening
experience setting out from modern jazz music while staying true to
traditional sounds of the genre.” The band has also this to say in a
press release: “While practising together and performing live concerts, a
distinct sound was established by and by that had already been present
subconsciously in the imagination. Steered by direct impulses and the
“straightness” of the rhythm section, guitar and voice meld into a
union, yet unfold in their own unique ways.”


Quintett Klaire
Klara Schwabe: Vocals and arrangements (class taught by Romy Camerun)
Lea Baciulis: Guitar (class taught by Andreas Wahl) Yonathan Ghebretensae: Klavier (Klasse von Elmar Braß)
Magnus Bodzin: Acoustic Bass (class taught by Professor Markus Schieferdecker)
Jannik Stock: Percussion (class taught by Christian Schoenefeldt)

group will perform on the occasion of their CD launch on September 3 at
8 pm aboard the “Dauerwelle” at the pier on the
Bürgermeister-Smidt-Brücke across from the Weserburg.

Tickets are available here.

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