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Diploma Exhibitions Wintersemester 22/23

Diploma Exhibitions Wintersemester 22/23


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Enric Freund, Nikolai Renée Goldmann, Philipp Michalski

Speicher XI A, Ecke Eduard-Suling-Straße/Cuxhavener Straße, 28217 Bremen
Opening: 02.02.2023, 6 pm
Opening Hours: 03. - 05.02.2023, 3 – 7 pm


Enric Freund – Zeitfenster

Most work makes the light and the earth am there between dark and light
the painting quite instantaneous
entrance and sealing
of change and fleetingness
seismograph of time
in search of traces



Nikolai Renée Goldmann – Golem III.

Myths and legends are a reflection of the human mind over the centuries.
Technical progress also contains such a spatio-temporal component in its very name.
Both are accumulators, socio-cultural energy stores that provide insight into the nature of human beings, the widespread view of the world and their changes.
In our perception, however, they are usually diametrically opposed to each other.
Myth in the sense of narrative is given the role of yesterday, while technology is given a futuristic character.
Yet it is the overlap in the present that allows the two to contrast and potentiate each other in such a way that together they form new insights in symbiosis.
Modern technologies, new media conditions enable revealing insights, reassessments and a recontextualisation of the past, of traditional narrative structures and thus also of the existential determination of art within the framework of our technoid world.



Philipp Michalski – tba

Ich bin auf dem Weg zu meinem Ort. Ich bin müde.
Trotz Routine angespannt, flacher Atem, flaues Bauchgefühl.
Ich hätte lieber 2 Bier anstelle eines Kaffees trinken sollen.
Ich hole die Dinge, die ich im Gebüsch deponiert habe.
Ich Sortiere mich. Farbeimer, Gummistiefel, Dosen, Stirnlampe.
Ein Tunnel mitten im Grünen. Kuhwiesen, klarer Nachthimmel.
Mondschein und das beständige Rauschen, der über mir fahrenden Autos.
Erste Linien lassen Formen entstehen. Formen entwickeln sich.Werden gefüllt.
Die Anspannung weicht. Weicht einem Fokus. Stunden. Ohne Pause.



Rui Diao – Filter

Schiff Dauerwelle, Anleger Bürgermeister-Smidt-Brücke, 28199 Bremen
Opening: 02.02.2023, 8 pm
Opening Hours: 03. - 05.02.2023, 3 – 7 pm

This exhibition is a conceptual work. The essence of the work is that it exists only as a "plan" . Ideas and thoughts are presented as vividly as possible, without the constraints of objective conditions.



Atsushi Mannami – Constellations

FAQ, Tor 4 am Güterbahnhof, 28195 Bremen
Opening: 02.02.2023, 6 pm
Opening Hours: 03. - 04.02.2023, 3 – 7 pm

The stars shine softly in the city. The collected stars combine with each other and weave new constellations.

Image 1: View of the class exhibition "SPILL OVER" 2022, UdK Berlin
Image 2: Work in progress

atsushi mannami_2.jpg
atsushi mannami_1.jpg