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Enlightening Blind Angles

a project by Ray Tzeng and Simona Fitcal

Plants are transforming our exhaust silently every single day into the oxygen we depend on.
Unfortunately, because of the urban development, plants and flowers are not a priority anymore and they are being neglected. Some areas of the city have been forgotten, becoming blind angles where nobody dares to go to.
Inspired by the Guerilla gardening project, who is fighting the neglection of the people regarding nature, and by the process of photosynthesis (relasionship of the plants with the light) we want to bring to these blind angles digital color and life.
We want to make people aware of the places they pass by everyday and don't even notice. We want users to bring out their "handy"lights or other sources of light and discover the world of our installation giving energy to digital plants so they can purify the place.  
With the help of a camera, a projector and loudspeakers we will create the impression that users have  the power to bring a fresh breathe into the city again.