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ERRSTE HILFE 2013 – Your small HfK Bremen compendium

Here we go! Let the studies at HfK Bremen begin. The First Aid Team welcomes, every year the students of the first semester at the University of Arts Bremen with a compendium called the First Aid. To facilitate the start in Bremen, we provide some information for the freshman on 56 pages. The guide is both in English and German, to make it easier to distinguish between both languages we decided to make a splitted turn-around-book, one side is entirely in English while the other side is in German. Due to the notepad like style you never have to bother with both languages, one is always upside down. Also, the new students are very welcome to check out our favourite places in town that we added to the First Aid.

The First Aid was conducted by Andrea Dilzer and Christian Heinz
Design by: Fabian Brunken, Frauke Cordes, Lennart Klein, Quoc-Van Ninh, Rejane SalzmannType: Lyno, Stan by RP Digital Type Foundy and Palatio by Linotype GmbHPaper: Munken Print White 15 115g/qm 150g/qmHochschule für Künste Bremen 2013