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ICH LEBE HIER by Ellen Grace Albers, Maximilian Löw, Lene Schwarz und Saskia Spieker

„ICH LEBE HIER“ is a documentary photo exhibition of the School of Architecture in Bremen. 35 Students have taken the challenge to make a photografic documentation of ten new developement areas from the postwar period and their current inhabitants. The result is a subjective impression of urban districts which usually subject to negative stereotypes.

As a team of four (Ellen Grace Albers | Maximilian Löw | Lene Schwarz | Saskia Spieker) we have devoted to the projekt to give this exhibition a dignified and accurate look. We used the space of the old post office in the center of Bremen which is attracitve in its clear expansive hallways.

As a creative starting point we consistently used the asthetics of an historic „Urban Grain Plan“ of the 70‘s. So all forms and colors were matched and systematized with the nostalcic plan. In order to meet the given conditions, a principle had to be developed to distribute the around 600 pictures on the 50 meter long corridor. We decided to put facts and historical material in the foreground to give the possibility to dip in the subjective part after awakened interest. The steel wire which is clamped in the two square meter frame provides space for the pictures and procures transparency at the same time. The plotted „Urban Grain Plan“ of each district serves a guidance system on the ground and is extended of the entire exhibition.