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Kalender der Straße – Limitierte Edition 2014

The 2014 edition of Kalender der Straße features 12 large-sized contemporary photographies from the picture library of the Zeitschrift der Straße, selected by Peter Bialobrzeski. The calendar also features a selection of the best stories and moments from the past 18 issues of the street newspaper from Bremen.

The Edition 2014 – Kalender der Staße is an
Award winning project. We are very proud
to receive the Gregor international calendar
award 2014 in bronc.

Format: (L)460mm (H)690mmRun: 250 copies
Font: Gill Sans Montotype; Akzidenz-Grotesk Berdholt; Krana Schick Toikka

Art direction Prof. Andrea RauschenbuschDesigned by Farbian Brunken, Jonas Bornhorst,Andrea Karch, Lennart KleinHfK Bremen, 2013