Ausstellung – Momument to a Phantom Limb

Ausstellung - Momument to a Phantom Limb

Klassenausstellung / 05.05. – 04.06.2022

Die Klasse Rosa Barba stellt in Frankreich aus.

When the works that form Monument to a Phantom Limb come together, it becomes clear that they comprise an organism of sorts. Not fully articulated, perhaps more fully felt—each piece readable as an effort to metabolize a question. As if through different membranes, they find their paths to stay individual entities on themselves, but reflect on topics that enable their connection.

The works are driven by visceral questions that in their asking invite the audience to re-entangle the often-bifurcated landscapes of the material and the emotional. Some directions take us to these landscapes through trauma and pain. Some are driven by curious explorations of our identities, physical selves and environment, while others touch on memories and imagination. Connection to others and assumptions of alternative scenarios of normative structures are addressed in several of the pieces as well. The multifaceted subjects are expressed through different media, spanning from prints and sculptures to experimental videos and sound installations. The exhibited works allude to a phantom limb to invite reflection about the complex interplay between the sensations of material and phantasmic worlds of human experience.

The exhibition hopes to create a space for the audience to feel, sense, and explore the fields of their interiority that are often hidden under layers of skin, secrecy, or unquestioned assumptions. The exhibit comes at a time when such access points are vital to generating spaces of connection and compassion.

05.05.2022 – 04.06.2022
La Box Gallery (ENSA Bourges) in Bourges, France

Ausstellung – Momument to a Phantom Limb

La Box Gallery (ENSA Bourges) in Bourges, France

05. Mai 2022, 18:00