Ausstellung - The Technological Sublime

The Technological Sublime

Ausstellung / 29.06.2017

The sublime (German: das Erhabene) is an aesthetic method established 2000 years ago. Today it is primarily associated with the European romantic movement of the late 19th century as a reaction to the industrial revolution and the scientific rationalisation of nature. On an aesthetic level, the main characteristics of the sublime is its overwhelming power and beauty and its evocation of awe and fear on the other hand.

In the 20th century the sublime shifted from natural to technological environments. This exhibition takes a closer look at the ambiguous quality of the sublime in the context of modern technologies.
The conflict of the extreme aesthetic potential of technology and the unease that the power monopoles of a few companies have make them appealing for an investigation in design and art.

The exhibition consists of 8 positions developed in the Digital Media course “The Technological Sublime” at the HfK Bremen under the guidance of Prof. Ralf Baecker during the dark winter semester.

29.06.2017, 19 Uhr
Tor 4 am Güterbahnhof, Bremen


19:00 Opening
21:00 Performance by Ricardo Andres
21:30 Performance by Chang Park & Robin Hase
23:00 DJ Max/Kevin

Ausstellung - The Technological Sublime

Tor 4 am Güterbahnhof Bremen

29. Juni 2017, 19:00