Circa 106 - Elbruz Fidan & Lucas Odahara : Untie - Unite

Circa 106 - Elbruz Fidan & Lucas Odahara

Version Room / 04. - 12.12.2020

"Program Version Room, where The Dynamic Archive presents its' components and versions will start with its' first physical installment in December.
Lucas Odahara and Elbruz Fidan will enter the gallery space of Circa 106 from 4-11.12 Each of the artists will have 4 days to work in the space. Lucas and Elbruz will reference their respective component and version, available now online in The Dynamic Archive, exploring the possibilities in a gallery space. Their collaboration will not happen in person but in response to what they find in space.
Due to current restrictions related to COVID-19, visitors in person will not be able to enter the space, we will find a way to present their work online. This information will still be published in the coming weeks."

Untie – Unite

The collaboration between Lucas Odahara and Elbruz Fidan for the mini-residency at Circa106, departs from a misspell on Circa’s website. Odahara’s original contribution for the Dynamic Archive's website, titled the Untied Body of History, was announced at Circa 106 website on the occasion of the version room series as the United Body of History. Orthography here has set the rules and the works to come out of this shared yet divided residency will exist within this mistake, untied yet united.

04. - 12.12.2020, Release on 12.12.2020
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Circa 106 - Elbruz Fidan & Lucas Odahara : Untie - Unite

Version Room des Circa 106 und auf The Dynamic Archive

04. Dezember 2020