Double, Double - Ausstellung Guelph Gaststudierende

Double, Double

Ausstellung / 02. bis 07.07.2019 (Eröffnung am 03.07.)

Melissa Bleecker, Sydney Cole, Madeleine Lychek, Jonah Strub

Eröffnung am 3. Juli 2019 um 18 Uhr in der Galerie Flut
Opening July 3 at 6 pm Galerie Flut

Öffnungszeiten: 02.07. bis 07.07.2019, 12 - 17 Uhr
Open: 02.07. to 07.07.2019, 12 am to 5 pm

The group exhibition “Double, Double” showcases the work of Studio Art exchange students, Melissa Bleecker, Sydney Coles, Madeleine Lychek, and Jonah Strub from University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada. Within each artist’s distinct practice, there is a negotiation with states of presence and absence or visibility and omission.

Brought together by a shared period of study, the works in “Double, Double” have been informed and made possible by present engagement with the facilities and new processes available at HFK. Through painting, sculpture, video, and performance, an interpretation of the reflexive states of being are explored, both in collaboration and, individually.


Melissa Bleecker engages with modalities of embodied cognition. Investigating how the language used to orient the body also serves to illustrate conceptual frameworks and models in perception. To negotiate these ideas, she determines her formal and material choices from features of the built environment. Utilizing this vocabulary of architecture, design, and urban space, which engages with the activity of delineating a site and it's use, to approach questions of agency and mediation. Primarily navigating between printmaking, sculpture, and installation, she employs elements that reference industrial processes as well as found objects from everyday material culture.

Sydney Cole’s video and drawing based practice uses ideas of home, comfort, domesticity and personal relationships. She uses these themes to contemplate and explore her place in the world. During her time at HFK, she negotiates her new surroundings through multi-disciplinary work that deals with the feelings that arise through uprooting oneself in travel. The absence of comfort and familiarity play an important role in the framework of Sydney’s practice this semester.

Madeleine Lychek’s work is multi-disciplinary and involves performance, video, and installation. It is often humorous and cheeky but confronts an array of subject matter ranging from vulnerability to marriage and sexual taboos. She utilizes her body to analyze existing social structures and highlight autocratic tendencies within them - undermining their assumed authority. Within this subversion, there is a negotiation between freedom and control.

Jonah Strub is a gay, Jewish, lactose intolerant artist who works predominantly in the realms of painting, sculpture, installation, and ceramics. His artwork is a visual love letter to the aesthetics of camp, kitsch, musical theatre, Jewish humour, and drag. Recently, Jonah’s practice has been centred around the ideas of gender expression, specifically his relationship to his own femininity, where he uses his drag alter ego, Loxanne Creamcheese, to find power in his flamboyancy and assert himself in a society that could use a little more cheetah print and a little less strict gender roles. By using humour, bright colours, and bushels of body hair, Jonah hopes to create conversations around the true meanings of masculinity, femininity, and outrageous up-dos.

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Double, Double - Ausstellung Guelph Gaststudierende

Galerie Flut, Speicher XI, Bremen

02. Juli 2019


Galerie Flut, Speicher XI, Bremen

03. Juli 2019, 18:00