ONLINE: Circa 106-Response - Structures that initiate change

ONLINE: Cira 106 - Online-Response

Ausstellungs-Response / 30.04.2020

An online response from the students of the course “Structures that initiate change” will be published on the website of the gallery Circa 106 on 30.4. at 19h:

The students will present short excerpts of their projects.

The exhibition “Structures that initiate change” in the gallery Circa 106 has been postponed until fall due to COVID-19.

Works by Hakeem Adam, Debaditya Bhowmik, Nadia Castro, Nina De Castro, Yunna Diao, Farida Fares, George Farid, Lin Hui, Angsumita Nath, Varun Raval, Artem Stepanchuk, Müge Pelin Sen, Kashish Sharma and Xin WANG.

This project was initiated and guided by Irena Kukrić and Prof.Dr. Andrea Sick and supported by the Digital Media Program at the Hochschule für Künste Bremen

30.04.2020, 19 Uhr
Watch Online.

ONLINE: Circa 106-Response - Structures that initiate change


30. April 2020, 19:00