Performance – Aiii_v3.8686∅

Aiii_v3.8686∅ – Performance by Chi Him Chik

Performance / 20. & 21.04.2023

Aiii_v3.8686∅ is an immersive performative ritual inspired by Wataru Tsurumi's Complete Manual of Suicide and its ideology of Angel Dust - a painkiller from this absurd world. The project exists across the disciplines of performance and happening between human and machine - the physical and digital entities. Through the use of various media including 3D sound system, lights, and sensor-augmented instruments, the improvisation machine Aiii creates dialogs, moments, and scenarios with its human collaborator and his information.

"By imagining there is still suicide as a way to escape from the world, the painful present becomes relatively bearable. I never encourage readers to actually do it, I want my readers to live."
- Wataru Tsurumi

20. & 21.04.2023, jeweils 19.30 Uhr
Speicher XI A, Halle 1, Cuxhavener Str. Ecke Eduard-Suling-Straße, 28217 Bremen

Performance – Aiii_v3.8686∅

Speicher XI A, Cuxhavener Str. Ecke Eduard Suling Straße, 28217 Bremen

20. April 2023, 19:30