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Diploma Exhibition Stephane Krust, Jannis Mengel, Seung Hyun Seo

Diploma Exhibition II 2021 Sommersemester

Stéphane Krust, Jannis Mengel, Seung Hyun Seo


Further information about works from the diploma exhibitions 2021:

In the summer semester of 2021, graduates of the Liberal Arts program will again exhibit their final projects at various locations as part of the 2021 Diploma Exhibitions. We provide some successive insights here.

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Stéphane Krust, Jannis Mengel, Seung Hyun Seo

09. to 11.09.2021, Galerie Flut and Nebenflut, Am Speicher XI 8
Admission only for those who are demonstrably recovered, tested or vaccinated.
Documentation on site via check-in system or list.

Opening Hours: tba


Stéphane Krust – Foam & Backdrop

A series of charcoal drawings on paper. And a series of glazed stoneware ceramics.
The work is a research for forms in hand-turned and glazed ceramics. The public is invited to play on the interchangeable forms of the ceramics.


Jannis Mengel

Jannis Mengel is showing a series of plaster sculptures that have been created in stages over the past year and a half.

None of these figures he had designed himself. The forms are determined by a program into which he has fed photo series of various nude models.

He prints out a small pattern and calmly arranges the figure into geometric shapes, accurately measuring and transferring point by point. Then he reassembles everything into a whole.

It is an examination of classical and modern sculpture, a question of creator and tool.


Seung Hyun Seo – Inside

Seung Hyun Seo took walks in the former ammunition depot in Lübberstedt near Bremen, and along the way built many spontaneous sculptures from branches collected on site, but she never considered them finished, as they were further processed by the environment. She took these walks almost every day, and it was important to her to leave traces each time. She documented all the sculptures photographically and also recorded each walk in a diary. For the exhibition space she transformed such a sculpture by casting it in aluminum.

Meterial to individual works: Alumium


Exhibition Photos by: Ana Rodriguez