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Language Assistance: Help with translations

Language Assistance: Help with translations

At the HfK, people from various nations and with very different language skills come together. Language Assistance is therefore very important for everyone's communication. Because often there are inhibitions when we don't know the colloquial language, or the barrier seems too big to ask for help.

Language Assistance is there to do just that, and all HfK members can take advantage of the services offered by students at any time, who provide the best possible assistance in understanding texts. Not only in English, but they also try to help with other languages - thanks to a student network. The Language Assistants help with translating assignments in teaching, with invitations to tender and tender texts, with writing short texts and with filling in forms. In important cases, they also accompany you to appointments or meetings and help interpret the conversations there.

Language Assistance can be reached by e-mail at .


Bissan Badran is responsible for Language Assistance.