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Open Call für den Projektraum Circa 106

The Open Call for Circa 106 Projectspace

Open call to exhibit work from March 12th-15th 2020

Circa 106 shares it’s first open call in which artists are invited to engage in the topic of the locality of the space. Addressing questions ranging from; the role/placement of the space within the larger context of the cityscape, how one can perceive and define its meaning when it comes to representation and how to construct a space that is actively playing a role in discourses such as, the visibility of communities, communal spaces, acceleration of gentrification, architecture of civil society, accessibility of the space to different bodies and agency of cultural inhabitants.

In conjunction, the open call plays conceptually with the name which contains simultaneous references to a precise location (106) and an approximation (Circa).

About the space

Center for International Research and Collaborative Art, Circa 106 is the current form of the space in Bismarckstraße 106.The space is located in the city of Bremen, Germany and since 2017 it has been run by different student groups from the University of the Arts (Hochschule für Künste Bremen). Run by Aria Farajnezhad and Victor Artiga Rodriguez, both students from the University. The focus of the space is to open a discourse of inclusivity for cultural practitioners from all backgrounds, to share ideas and disciplines around a diverse set of interests. The space initiates an open and welcoming platform for everyone to feel actively heard.

Throughout the year there will be a series of open calls which address a number of subjects by situating the space within the city. Circa 106 will also be open to proposals for workshops, lectures, film screenings or other events that contribute to the community.

The collaborative aspect of the space is reflected as well within the program Version Room, that will take place on a monthly basis where “The Dynamic Archive” will exhibit its components and versions. In line with the context of Circa 106, “The Dynamic Archive” sets out to discuss, probe, and develop the questions of collaborative work and sharing.

How to Apply

Please send us a PDF to with a CV, samples of recent works and a short proposal that explains your idea. For video work, performance and media please include any links. Deadline the 29th of February

This will be the opening exhibition of the space which will take place from March 12th - 15th 2020. The space will help facilitate the organization of the event including the announcements, poster, equipment and installation.