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Machines as Agency.

Januar 2006

Christoph Lischka, Andrea Sick


Artistic Perspectives.

The edition supports and deepens the existing interfaces between art, science and technology transgressing traditional principles and styles of research ...

... and selectively overcoming the side-by-side coexistence in favour of an integrated "laboratory of the future".

Such a complexity could be opened up in heterogeneous networks with human und nonhumans. This book suggests a transdisciplinary network that prefers to avoid traditional dualisms of occidental culture like nature and culture, subjects and objects as well as man and machine. In shared contexts of action, new momentary propositions are developed meeting these net structures. Things do not exist just as given beings they are discovered, explored, invented. The artists and theoreticians can pursue using the tools and techniques of science actively not only to comment them but also to fathom their possibilities, and employ them in their artistic and scientific projects. Machines as Agency is an artistic perspective.