The Dynamic Archive presents:


workshop 23–25.04.2022 10–16h
lecture/presentation 25.04. 18h

Date and Time:
3-day Workshop (2 days workshop + 1 day presentation/lecture – commitment to full length of workshop required)

Lecture: 25.04.2022, 6 pm

Both, workshop and lecture, take place at the Auditorium, Am Speicher XI 8, 28217 Bremen

The space in our daily lives, which is perceived as immaterial, the seemingly empty space where dialogue flows is given substantive qualities and metaphysical properties in the virtual realm. Through creative dialogue, embodied play, and physical and virtual recording, workshop participants will be invited to explore their own relationships to the influences of negative and positive spaces on their expression and communication, and to blend the boundaries between physical, virtual, and imaginative spaces.
Participants will investigate how the reality-bending capabilities of the virtual world can further expand channels of communication to reconfigure the generative tensions between linearity, polarization, paradox, and multidimensionality in cultural dynamics.

Bio: This workshop is run by Yassi Pishvaei and Carmiella Zorzi, the co-founders of ImaginGeist, a Swiss-based nonprofit platform for participatory research into collective imagination about global issues. Yassi is an Iranian artist currently based in Germany, and Carmiella is an American-Israeli artist based in Switzerland. Both have years of experience in collaborative projects and shared training in the phenomenological methodology of Expressive Arts facilitation. Concurrent to this workshop at HFK, they are holding an intergenerational transdisciplinary arts-based research group exploring how imaginative and virtual play with the phenomena of alternative metaphysical realities can empower us to re-imagine how we design virtual spaces for idea sharing.

If you would like to participate in the workshop, please write in email to


Auditorium, Am Speicher XI 8, 28217 Bremen

23. April 2022, 10:00


Auditorium, Am Speicher XI 8, 28217 Bremen

25. April 2022, 18:00