Nevertheless.17 Manifestos. Issue No 2 - Release

Manifestos romanticize the revolution. And forget the day after.

Buch-Release / 10.02.2018 (Auf den Hochschultagen)


Nevertheless. 17 Manifestos

The performances and figurations of the texts are capable of demonstrating and presenting relationships between the arts and theory for a discussion. They are brief pauses in a society that has been described as fluid now for many years. These manifestos play out the subjective in a conscious and sometimes carnivalesque way.

Einladung: Buch-Release auf den Hochschultagen
10.02.2018, 17 Uhr / Raum 3.10.20
Invitation: Book Release at the Hochschultage
10th of Feb. at 5 pm Room: 3-10-20


Nevertheless. 17 Manifestos Issue No 2

Edited by Andrea Sick
Hochschule für Künste Bremen / University of the Arts Bremen
Limited edition of 300 copies
Textem Verlag Hamburg
24 € (Studierende erhalten eine Ermäßigung)

All manifestos are available online:

Designconcept and Layout: Sarah Käsmayr, Cássia Juliane Vila Rangel
Website: Guida Ribeiro, Maximilian Kiepe

Printing: Kraus Druck und Medien, Friedberg
Production: MaroVerlag, Augsburg
Printed in Germany
© 2018 by the authors and Textem-Verlag, Hamburg
ISBN: 978-3-86485-190-2

Vincent Brinkmann
Jasna Dimitrovska
Karim (Arnold) Fuad
Tania Gonzaga
Julian-Anthony Hespenheide
Irena Kukric
Lucia Mendelova
Frieder Nake
Henrik Nieratschker
Antonio Palacios
Guida Ribeiro
Claudia Reiche
Mona Schieren
Alan N. Shapiro
Andrea Sick
Cássia Vila
Mi You
Luiz Zanotello




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Nevertheless.17 Manifestos. Issue No 2 - Release

Raum 3.10.20

10. Februar 2018, 17:00