Antrittsvorlesung Asli Serbest

Asli Serbest

Antrittsvorlesung / 22.11.2017

Asli Serbest stellt sich und ihre Arbeit vor.

22.11.2017, 18 Uhr
Auditorium, Speicher XI, Bremen

Asli Serbest has been appointed as a professor of Temporary Structures at the Department of Art and Design. Starting this winter semester, she will teach courses across all areas and develop research at the intersection of art, design, and architecture.

In continuation of her own practice, curatorial projects, and previous teaching, Asli will develop her academic work at the HFK without dividing it into (disciplinary) compartments. She will provide an inclusive platform to realize projects in different media, exploring the relation between space and time, concept and social context. Above all, she will continue her work on questions of space, as a fundamental, yet disputed term, conceived differently in different areas: Space might be imagined as container, scene, apparatus, module, or power relation, it basically separates an inside from an outside, that is, it implies a fundamental (political, social, and formal) positioning. As it separates and connects, space ultimately regulates distance. Temporary spaces open up the possibility to negotiate distance: the relation between subjects, objects, and context.

This semester, Asli will provide a collaborative project that looks back into ancient times to develop a new/old kind of temporary space and program. In reference to Pythagorean theory, implying a holistic connection of all spheres, the project will be set up to address the possibility for a temporary common space at the HFK—a diffently programmed space at the Hochschultage based on relationality and allowing for situated connections and dialogical exchange.

Asli Serbest (born in Istanbul) develops projects in different media to negotiate the evolving relationship between art, architecture, and media society. Her work includes temporary spaces, exhibitions, installations, stage and set designs, as well as video-texts, concepts, and publications.

She established the collective m-a-u-s-e-r (together with Mona Mahall) exhibiting and publishing internationally at the Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart (2015, upcoming), Pinakothek der Moderne Munich (2017), Istanbul Design Biennial (2016), Shenzhen Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture (2015), Art Center Los Angeles (2015), Storefront for Art and Architecture New York (2014, 2015, 2016), Biennale di Venezia (2012, 2014), Sinopale: Sinop Biennial (2014), Vancouver Art Gallery (2013), Künstlerhaus Stuttgart (2013), HKW Berlin (2012), New Museum New York (2009) and other venues; in e-flux journal, Volume Magazine, Perspecta, The Gradient: Walker Art Center, AArchitecture, Deutschlandfunk, and other online and offline publications.

She is the editor of Junk Jet (since 2007), an independent magazine on art, architecture, and media.

Asli Serbest worked as a professor of Spatial Dynamics at Rhode Island school of Design and of Experimental Architecture at the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design. She studied Architecture and Visual Media in Istanbul, Stuttgart, and Vienna before completing a PhD at the intersection of these fields and in critical reflection of modern speculative culture.


Image: View from Asli Serbest’s latest exhibition project “Does permanence matter?” on temporary structures defining current urban culture, which is on view through March 18, 2018 at the Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich. Besides being involved as a co-curator in this collaborative research based project, she developed a sound installation, prints, objects, and the exhibition architecture.

Antrittsvorlesung Asli Serbest

Auditorium, Speicher XI, Bremen

22. November 2017, 18:00