Becoming Entangled 2 - Linde Ex

Vortragsreihe Becoming Entangled 2: Practice in Art and Theory – Linde Ex

Vortrag / 09.02.2023

Vortragsreihe des Binationalen PHD-Programms der Hfk Bremen, diesmal in Zusammenarbeit mit der Universität Groningen, der Hanze Minerva Art Academy und HDK-Valand - Academy of Art and Design an der Universität Göteborg.

Linde Ex (University of Groningen) – LAND-SHAPES, SOOTH-SCAPES

In this lecture, Linde will share with us a project about salt marsh landscapes in England, Scotland and The Netherlands. This Lecture will occur in connection with a workshop revolving around recognizing, collecting and connecting of shapes in the land as an artistic method.

Date of the workshop will be announced.

Recommend background reading material: The book ‘Landmarks’ from Robert Mc Farlane.

09.02.2023, 18 Uhr
Auditorium, Am Speicher XI 8, 28217 Bremen

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Linde Ex is a PhD candidate at the University of Groningen, Faculty of Arts
Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Research group Art & Sustainability.

Becoming Entangled 2 - Linde Ex

Auditorium, Am Speicher XI 8, 28217 Bremen

09. Februar 2023, 18:00