Elisabeth Lebovici: Against the grain of the nuclear family

Elisabeth Lebovici: Against the grain of the nuclear family

Aus der Vortragsreihe Freie Kunst, 8. Juli 2015, Auditorium, Speicher XI 8, Bremen

The lecture will be held in english / Invitation and introduction by Rosa Barba

When you sense yourself as being excluded of the racial and social mainstream, negociating with the culture of the majority means transforming it’s given cultural productions. An example : the nuclear family, and the so-called Œdipal triangle used as a node for understanding one’s own cultural «patrimony» and/or «matrimony».

In this conference, I wish to call a number of artists who have orchestrated their works against the grain of the nuclear family, inventing real or convincing biographical narratives, producing an abject self, appropriating psychoanalysis, claiming the various antagonisms within the social that define recognition as racialized, gendered, and sexed subjects.

Claude Cahun and Marcel Moore, Monique Wittig, Michel Journiac, Lygia Clark, Louise Bourgeois, Carol Rama, Carrie Mae Weems, Roni Horn, Nao Bustamante, Henrik Olesen... take part to this «body» of work.

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Elisabeth Lebovici ( http://le-beau-vice.blogspot.com/) completed a PhD in Aesthetics in 1983. She has been writing art criticism since 1985, was the editor in chief of Beaux-Arts Magazine before working as an arts and culture editor for the daily french newspaper Libération, from 1991 to 2006.
She is a lecturer at Sciences-Po, Paris, as well as a freelance writer. She has been involved since the 1990’s into writing on feminism, AIDS activism, queer politics and contemporary visual practices. In 1998, she edited « L’Intime » (Paris, ensb-a). She is the author, with Catherine Gonnard, of a history of women artists in France between 1880 and nowadays : « Femmes/artistes, Artistes/femmes, Paris de 1880 à nos jours (Paris, Hazan, 2007). Amongst the exhibitions she co-curated : Beau comme un Camion at the European Lesbian and Gay Pride (Paris, 1997) „Xn 99“ et „Xn00“ at the Espace des Arts in Châlon sur Saône (France), „L’Argent“ at the Plateau/FRAC Ile de France (Paris, 2008). She is currently working on a book project "What AIDS has done to me" to be published in 2016-7.
Since 2006, she is in charge with Patricia Falguières and Natasa Petresin-Bachelez of a weekly seminar at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS) in Paris titled: « Something You Should Know :Artists and Producers ». http://sysk-ehess.tumblr.com/
She is a member of the research group : „Travelling Féministe“ around the film archives of the Centre audiovisuel Simone de Beauvoir, Paris.


Elisabeth Lebovici: Against the grain of the nuclear family

Auditorium, Am Speicher XI, Bremen

08. Juli 2015, 18:00