Emma Hedditch - What Is Terrible About This?

Emma Hedditch - What Is Terrible About This?

Vortragsreihe „The Dynamic Archive“/ 22.05.2019

Emma Hedditch will talk about their research into cooperative business models and how they could be applied to artistic production. In the past two years Hedditch has been studying cooperatives in small reading groups, workshops and meetings with members of art organizations including Artists Space, NY, The Showroom, London, Rhubaba, Edinburgh and KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin. In this lecture, Hedditch will talk about some of the outcomes of these gatherings and why they consider the cooperative model is important and relevant to thinking through artistic production and the struggles with authorship, economics and labor.

22.05.2019, 18 Uhr
Nebenflut (Raum 1.07.040), Speicher XI, Bremen

Nebenflut (Raum 1.07.040), Speicher XI, Bremen

New York-based artist Emma Hedditch (born in 1972, GB) examines what is produced and negotiated within the format of public presentations, especially those that resist the standard protocols of a cultural institution. Hedditch has worked with Cinenova, a feminist film and video distributor (1999–present), Copenhagen Free University (2001–2008), No Total, a site for performance (2012–present) and Coop Fund, a member organized funding cooperative (2018- present). Hedditch has participated in group exhibitions including Coop Fund, Amalle Dublon & Constantina Zavitsanos, Devin Kenny, John Neff, Artists Space (2018), Finesse, curated by Leah Pires, Wallach Art Gallery, New York (2018), Claim a hand in the field that makes this form foam at Outpost Gallery in Norwich (GB), and Other Romances, curated by Em Rooney at Rachel Uffner Gallery in New York (2017). Hedditch has published texts in Afterall, Mute Magazine, and Art Monthly, and contributed to the books Rereading Appropriation (If I Can’t Dance, 2015) and Anarchic Sexual Desires of Plain Unmarried Schoolteachers (Selected Press, 2015). Hedditch’s self-published work includes A Political Feeling, I Hope So, Coming to Have a Public Life, Is it Worth it? and the e-book
of performance scripts, I Don’t Want you to Work as Me, I Want you to Work for Me.

Der Vortrag ist Teil der Vortragsreihe und des Projekts "The Dynamic Archive": Der Vortrag ist Teil der Vortragsreihe und des Projekts "The Dynamic

Emma Hedditch - What Is Terrible About This?

Nebenflut, Raum 1.07.040, Speicher XI, Bremen

22. Mai 2019, 18:00