Harm Coordes - The doors of auratic perception (The Dynamic Archive)

The Dynamic Archive

Vortragsreihe / 22.01.2020

Harm Coordes: The doors of auratic perception

In einer Lecture Performance wird Harm Coordes seine Arbeit vorstellen.

Constitution of fictional religious community to create an interdisciplinary artistic experience in between fashion, art and performance. (AT)

Within the lecture Harm Coordes will give an insight in the project CHURCH OF THE HAND. He will talk about the use of atmosphere as space, fashion as cult and slow fashion as a statement towards a consumerist society. The quasi-religious artistic community sets out to implement „spiritual branding“ as an exaggerated reflection on current marketing strategies of globally operating companies. COTH necessitates the customers participation, creating multisensoric rooms of experience in between fashion, installation and performance.

22.01.2020, 18 Uhr
Raum 1.07.040 (Nebenflut), Speicher XI 8, Bremen

Harm Coordes (*1984) lives and works in Berlin and Bremen. Since graduating at Hochschule für Künste Bremen in 2013, he has been working as a freelance fashion and costume designer, scenographer and artist. In his work he deals with socio-cultural topics such as homelessness, love, food, religion and evanescence. With great pleasure he is part of the independent theatre group Thermoboy FK as well as the bike-crew upper roll blitz. He has worked for Henrik Vibskov, Junges Theater Bremen, Schwankhalle Bremen, Junges Theater Bremerhaven, machine eX, SUNST and others. He started developing the conceptual fashion project CHURCH OF THE HAND in 2017, setting up a series of performances and exhibitions. Since 2015 he works as a lecturer at HfK Bremen in the field of experimental fashion, fashion as experiment and fashion drawing.

Harm Coordes_ Churchofthehand_ArianePfannschmidt_cu.jpg

Bild: Harm Coordes - Church of the Hand, Foto: Ariane Pfannschmidt

Harm Coordes - The doors of auratic perception (The Dynamic Archive)

Room 1.07.040 (Nebenflut), Speicher XI, Bremen

22. Januar 2020, 18:00