ONLINE: The Dynamic Archive - MPA

Online: The Dynamic Archive - MPA

Vortragsreihe / 09.06.2020

MPA stellen, im Zuge der Serie The Dynamic Archive, sich und ihre Arbeit vor.

Can we live?
how we live

In 2017, I directed the live artwork "Orbit" at the Whitney Museum of American Art, in which myself and performance artists Amapola Prada and Elizabeth Sonnenburg, lived for 10-days in between the narrow window panes of the museum's theater in a biosphere set. Our conditions partially emulated the simulation projects conducted by universities and space agencies to test human life on spacecrafts and planets like Mars, but prioritized artistic and esoteric agendas that culminated into an experiment for "real theater".

I will be sharing my story with this artwork and other works to open up a discussion about how we live and can we? Racism, classicism, and gender and body- ableism discrimination has positioned this question differently to each of us. It is my interest that we discuss our answers to these questions not theoretically but from the reality of our personal embodiment of the effects and promises we contain within us- a bodily archive- from activities of abuse, denial, and resilience.

09.06.2020, 18 Uhr

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Außerdem wird MPA einen Workshop im Wintersemester 20/21 abhalten.

ONLINE: The Dynamic Archive - MPA


09. Juni 2020