Reconfiguration of Thought as a Communal Act - Publication Release

Publication Launch - Reconfiguration of Thought as a Communal Act

Publikations-Release / 14.08.2020

Circa 106 is pleased to announce the results from the third open call, a hybrid online/offline publication as a result of a text-based care-work exercise with the participation of five writers, one editor, and the visitor. It allows for the assimilation of multiple pathways and navigation through and with the texts.

The exercise emerged out of engaging with writing as an act of care. We proposed an approach to writing which is not self-sufficient and dismissive, but rather open and keen to be contested and transformed. The COVID-19 pandemic has evidenced that care is a societal act, and it is dependent on care for all. In this project, we have offered a schedule that allows each person to spend time and care for the thoughts of their fellow peers. Suyeon Kim, Jana Piotrowski, Dorsa Eidizadeh, Hakeem Adam and Nadim Choufi have spent two weeks reflecting and exchanging ideas, the result is now coming together, taking the shape of an online publication. The texts are edited by Will Lee, and the website is realized by Pablo Somonte Ruano. Aria Farajnezhad and Víctor Artiga Rodríguez have facilitated the ground for communication among all the actors who were involved in the project.

Please join us this Friday, August 14th at 7 pm for the release of the publication on the website and take part in the care exercise. We invite you to use the platform, which allows for choosing excerpts from the texts, as well as commenting and drawing. These unique results will be later bound together with the rest of the writings and constitute the whole publication. We are planning to exhibit and print the physical publication at the gallery space as soon as the restrictions allow us to do so.

Freitag 14.08.2020, 19 Uhr
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Reconfiguration of Thought as a Communal Act - Publication Release


14. August 2020, 19:00