Salon Digital Studiovisit - Mit Tega Brain

Salon Digital Studiovisit - Mit Tega Brain

Online-Talk / 11.01.2021

Innerhalb der Studiovisits besucht Tega Brain den Salon Digital - Online.

Machines, Models and Marshes

Tega Brain will share recent artwork and research that looks at data driven perspectives of the world. Tegas work explores the production and presentation of archives that increasingly drive automated systems, and it looks at what it means to apply these sorts of technologies in the context of environmental management and ecology.

Tega Brain is an Australian-born artist and environmental engineer whose work examines issues of ecology, data systems and infrastructure. She has created wireless networks that respond to natural phenomena, systems for obfuscating fitness data, and an online smell-based dating service. Her work has been shown in the Vienna Biennale for Change, the Guangzhou Triennial, and in institutions like the Haus der Kulturen der Welt and the New Museum, among others.

11.01.2021, 18 Uhr
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Salon Digital Studiovisit - Mit Tega Brain


11. Januar 2021, 18:00