Samuel Nyholm - Ménage à trois

Samuel Nyholm - Ménage à trois

Sign, Language and Meaning
Zeichen, Sprache und Meinung

Antrittsvorlesung Montag
6. Mai, 18 Uhr
Workshop Dienstag
7. Mai, 10 – 14 Uhr
Raum 3.13.100
Hochschule für Künste Bremen
Am Speicher XI 8

Samuel Nyholm, geb. 1973 in Lund, lebt als Zeichner, Grafiker, Poet in Stockholm und Bremen, Lehrauftrag an der ECAL Lausanne, Ausstellung u.a. im PS1 in New York, seit 2012 Professor für Illustration an der Hochschule für Künste Bremen.

Samuel Nyholm’s cartoons derive from a tradition of half pornographic comic magazines one could find in Scandinavia in the 70’s and 80’s, a kind of illustrated substitute for real porno. Many of the jokes in these magazines - most of them produced in Denmark - were of a kind that would be considered highly inappropriate today, in terms of sexism, racism and most other forms of prejudice. While the remain today not much more than a marginalized rest of Lowculture, the subjects they deal with still flourish, repressed, sublimated and hardened.


Auditorium, Speicher XI 8, Bremen

06. Mai 2013, 18:00


Raum 3.13.100, Speicher XI 8, Bremen

07. Mai 2013, 10:00