Vortrag – Georgios Papadopoulos & Carsten Lisecki

Georgios Papadopoulos & Carsten Lisecki – Artistic Research für Bremen

Lecture / 31.05.2023

Artistic Research für Bremen; Lecture, Performance, Essayfilm, Speed Coaching

A discussion on Artistic Research, inside and outside the Academy, from different positions and employing different formats, with the possibility of personal consultations in the end.

Georgios Papadopoulos, PhD & Carsten Lisecki, MA – artists & researcher

Carsten Lisecki is a researcher who generates knowledge through his artistic work and opens up new perspectives on social contexts. Opening space of dialogue for the intermediate, the elusive and the transitionary, Carsten challenges his audiences by subversive formats and engages with topics such as urban development, self-organization, heritage, the miraculous in everyday life, and the social origins of public space.

Georgios Papadopoulos combines economics and philosophy with an exploratory artistic practice. His experiences in the Academia led him towards an experimental attitude towards epistemology and to employ artistic research as a critical practice. Currently, he is investigating new models for education and research in the arts, the first articulations of which was published in the Creator Doctus Constellation, while further iterations will be integrated in CaloheX, a still ongoing project about Qualifications and Assessment Reference Frameworks in Arts’ Education, supported by the European Commission.


Im Rahmen des Seminars „Creative Research“ begleitet von Annette Geiger und Olav Westphalen.

Mittwoch 31.05.2023 / 16:00 Uhr
Schiff Dauerwelle, Anleger Bgm.-Smidt-Brücke, 28199 Bremen

(Achtung: Zugang ist nicht barrierefrei)

Vortrag – Georgios Papadopoulos & Carsten Lisecki

Schiff Dauerwelle, Anleger Bgm.-Smidt-Brücke, 28199 Bremen

31. Mai 2023, 16:00