Vortragsreihe Becoming Entangled: Practice in Art and Theory – Suzan Tunca

Vortragsreihe Becoming Entangled: Practice in Art and Theory – Suzan Tunca

Vortrag / 12.05.2022

Vortragsreihe von PHD-Kandidaten der Universität Leiden und der Academy of Creative and Performing Arts (ACPA).

Suzan Tunca – About Dance and performance concept and research

The central artistic concern of this PhD research is the development of a dance language. Through the process of creating a dance language, meaningful relations between knowledge embodied in dance and areas of knowledge where physics and psychology, metaphysics and revelation intersect are explored.

How can the dancing body become a research instrument to investigate the relationship between the metaphysical and the physical?

How to investigate and communicate this relationship in body and in words via a dancing language that weaves together corporeal and verbal discourse that address this relation from different perspectives?

These questions are being elaborated through the dance practice and a complementary discursive contextualization thereof.

Embodied gnosis stands for a state of inspired knowing-being where non-verbal and supra-sensory intensities of experience coincide with specific sources and qualities of motion that permeate the wordlessly speaking corporeality of the performer.

These intensities of experience are for example related to spatially extended and incorporated imagination, to the intermediary zone between conscious and unconscious movement origination, to engaging with the force field between gravity and levity, between concentric and peripheral forces and to compositional/performative intuition. Embodied gnosis may be characterized by a specific state of consciousness where the physical appears to intersect with the metaphysical, having a palpable unifying quality that seems to be able to mediate between the mind/body, psyche/physis, I/other or ideas/matter divide.

To gain new and differentiated perspectives on the ontology, epistemology and discursive potentials of the dancing body, the notions of spiritual corporeality, altered states of knowing and embodied gnosis are being scrutinized from various angles: From the perspective of a deep search for movement origination in the psychophysical resonating space of the dancing body, from the perspective of discursive/theoretical work exploring the mind-matter relation in esoteric forms of thought and related body based practices and from the perspective of transposing lived danced experience into written language.

In this lecture Suzan will give an impression of how these three perspectives have unfolded in her research trajectory so far.

12.05.2022, 18 Uhr
Auditorium, Am Speicher XI 8, 28217 Bremen


Schaut auch auf: https://artisticphd-hfkbremen.net/events/13-01-2022-becoming-entangled-practice-in-art-and-theory

Vortragsreihe Becoming Entangled: Practice in Art and Theory – Suzan Tunca

Auditorium, Am Speicher XI 8, 28217 Bremen

12. Mai 2022, 18:00