Vortragsreihe Critical Futures - Mawena Yehouessi

Mawena Yehouessi - MÉTa/Reboot

Vortragsreihe (will be held in english language) / 13.01.2021

Innerhalb der Reihe "Critical Futures" hält Mawena Yehouessi einen Online-Vortrag.

For this lecture series we have invited scholars and artists who will talk about the critical work of anti-racist and queer-feminist futurisms with regards to their own artistic practice, research, and writing.

Who envisions the future? Common imaginations of the world to come tend to mirror ideologies that leave social power structures untouched, with disastrous and devastating consequences for those oppressed by the utopias of the privileged. Especially in the face of wide-spread insurgence of rightwing politics, ongoing structures of systemic racism, social inequality, and environmental injustice, the imminent future feels distinctly dystopian. Perhaps more than ever, the state of the world calls for alternative models. Combining speculative fiction and activism, afrofuturist and queer-feminist discourses give agency to those who dare to dream, make unthinkable futures thinkable, encourage critical reflexivity, drive social and political progress, and influence the way we problematize and contextualize our past, present, and future.


"MÉTA" is the title of a performance written in Dakar (Senegal) in 2018 and later held in Paris in the context of the seminar "Afrocyberfeminisms" (http://afrocyberfeminismes.org/), organised by curators Oulimata Gueye (Xam Xam) and Marie Lechner for Gaîté Lyrique. Consisting in a polyphonic conversation between 3 co-dependant beings –– my digital avatar M.Y, a rhizomatic entity (some friends & ancestors voices gathered) and "myself" –– it throws light on the ambiguities to settle for a unique and assertive identity, especially when being continuously "othered" as different, minoritarian, foreign or alien.

         Thus, using "MÉTA" as an online immersive set-up, I'ld like to introduce the public and students to an ongoing series of questions in sync with my own, yet collective, approach to afrofuturism. Among them : what do "afro" and the "future" stand for in "afrofuturism"?, how to reconnect virtuality & spirituality as/if both are to be fundamentally opposed to "reality"?, how to develop ppoïethic alliance strategies that do not replay the backdropping of daily/local/small-scale oppressions (of race, validism, gender and so on so forth) "behind" systemic/large-scale critical manifestos?, etc.

         This being said, I wish this lecture isn't properly one –– academic/objective/demonstrative, but rather some political and poetical food for thoughts, to be shared, acknowledged, criticized and dismantled.

13.01.2021, 18 Uhr
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CV: Born in 1990 in Cotonou (Benin), Mawena Yehouessi is a curator and researcher in arts and philosophy (PhD student @ Villa Arson / Université Côte d´Azur). Founder of the Black(s) to the Future collective, she lives and works between Nice and Paris (France). Also trained in cultural projects management and contemporary dance, she belongs to this generation of unclassifiable - or downgraded - beings whose practices & "jobs" are an aggregation of slashes. In particular interested in alter-futurisms and poïethics, she also develops an exploratory, prospective and collage artistic practice through her avatar M.Y.



Font „Ascentis“der Reihe von: Emily Jung Sum Chan https://www.emilyjschan.com/ascentis

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© M.Y, "MÉTA", 2018 (performance video screenshots, 19/25mn)

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© M.Y, "MÉTA", 2018 (performance video screenshots, 19/25mn)

Vortragsreihe Critical Futures - Mawena Yehouessi


13. Januar 2021, 18:00