Circa 106 – How to Situate Spaces of Uncertainty

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How to Situate Spaces of Uncertainty – Circa 106

We are pleased to announce Circa 106 opening exhibition, which will accommodate three different positions, each one dealing with the first open call reflecting upon the role/placement of the space in relation to urban fabric. Daria Sazanovich will show a video that captures military training neighbouring her habitual space, allowing us to participate in the act of looking at what is actually programmed to remain unseen to the public. Farzad Golghasemi and Lucas Kalmus create a dialogue that brings out the functionality of the cityscape and underlines forces that push the bodies in certain directions. Fredy Solan works with the negativity of the structures and the traces they leave behind, and proposes a state in which the obstacle against the communal space can be recognized by its absence. Please join us March 12th at 19 uhr for the opening of the space.

Circa 106 – How to Situate Spaces of Uncertainty

13. März 2020, 14:00