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Statement of the Rectorate on the current events in Ukraine

Help for people who have fled or are at risk due to the war in Ukraine

Due to the war in Ukraine, HfK Bremen offers free auditing with guest student status to refugees or individuals at risk. Students in the advanced semesters who wish to continue their regular studies at HfK Bremen as transfers will be able to enrol at HfK Bremen upon individual assessment of our available capacities.

With regard to students at risk from Russia or Belarus, we will review individually whether it is possible for them to enrol at HfK Bremen.
Naturally, the regular application procedure is open to all persons interested. Applications from individuals at risk as a result of the war in Ukraine will be dealt with as a matter of priority.

Contact and further information via email: International Office of HfK Bremen - and on our website

All information about arriving, staying overnight and financial help - also in Ukrainian - on:
Ukraine - Die Senatorin für Soziales, Jugend, Integration und Sport (


For days, we have been following with great horror the pictures and reports from a war in which there is ruthless shooting, bombing, and killing. On behalf of all HfK faculty and students, we strongly condemn the Russian government’s military offensive against a sovereign European nation as a crime that violates international law. There can only be one verdict: this despicable war of aggression is following a policy of imperial violence.

Our affection and appreciation is, therefore, overwhelming for all Russians who rebel and demonstrate for peace, well knowing that they might be arrested for it. Can it be that Putin refuses to tolerate any objection because he despises freedom and democracy, and even fears them?

We are thinking of the Ukrainian people, and especially of the students, artists, designers, musicians, and scientists, as well as their families and friends, who are now being oppressed and persecuted by the brutal dictatorship in Moscow — people who fear for their lives and must leave their country. They need and have our unlimited solidarity.

People from the distressed regions study and work at the HfK. Students who now need help, due to the current crisis, may turn to the AStA, the psychological counseling office, the Studierendenwerk’s counseling office, and the International Office (). In addition, we at the Rectorate will also be very glad to assist our students and colleagues.

At the HfK, we live peacefully every day among people of different nationalities, cultures, orientations, and attitudes. We remain committed to this and will continue to place unrestricted emphasis on dialogue, tolerance, and diversity.

“Politicians and institutions of higher learning are now called upon to do everything in their power to offer viable, comprehensive support programs for those in need, as soon as possible,” said Bernhard Kempen, an expert in international law and president of the Deutscher Hochschulverband. We fully concur with this. Even though we do not have any cooperation partners in Russia, Belarus, or Ukraine, we are examining what kinds of measures to take that will help our afflicted colleagues and students.

The HfK would also like to point out the following statements, which we endorse:

Statement by the Spokesperson of the Rectors' Conference of the German Universities of the Arts (RKK) on Russia's attack on Ukraine (German)