Dienstag | 21. Mai 2024 18:00 Uhr

Salon Digital – Daria Parkhomenko

Hochschule für Künste Bremen | Großer Theorieraum (4.15.070)
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© Jan Charzinski

Salon Digital #42 mit Daria Parkhomenko


Introducing Methodology of artist-scientist collaborations: Laboratoria’s experience.

During the lecture, Daria Parkhomenko will delve into three key methods developed through Laboratoria's practice: Infusion, Transposition, and Third-Order Observation. These methods serve as bridges facilitating symmetrical interaction between artists, scientists and other participants enabling a deep exploration of both scientific knowledge and method while cultivating artistic vision.

With over 30 exhibitions and more dozens international new productions to its credit, Laboratoria's approach has led to the creation of groundbreaking works at the intersection of art&science. Daria will share insights into how these methods were employed to develop new large-scale projects  and showcase notable exhibition cases from Laboratoria Art & Science as New Elements show and May the other live in me exhibition among others. 

Daria Parkhomenko is the founding director and curator of Laboratoria Art&Science foundation, Russia's pioneering non-profit institution (since 2008) dedicated to fostering collaborations between artists and scientists. From 2022 Daria resided in Germany.

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