Mission Statement of the University of the Arts Bremen

  • The University of the Arts Bremen is a place of learning and culture. Practice, tuition and research come together at the University of the Arts in a unique learning environment that unites art, music, design and science.
  • University of the Arts Bremen offers students a space in which to cultivate an individual and creative personality. The University promotes critical dialogue within an open and welcoming atmosphere that nurtures artistic curiosity and reflection. Our teaching staff advises and supports students in a spirit of collaboration and partnership.
  • Our interdisciplinary and integrated approach to art education is well placed to meet the challenges of demographic change, lifelong learning and the increasingly international make-up of the student body.
  • The University of the Arts unites a broad spectrum of artistic and educational perspectives, enriched with current academic and scientific discourses. We provide an inspiring environment for our students and teaching staff, supporting inquisitive learning and research processes, and promoting diversity and cooperation.
  • We are an international university with strong ties throughout the region. The University of the Arts encourages students to grow their creative personalities through intercultural dialogue and to draw on the University's numerous cooperative partnerships and networks.
  • We take every opportunity to provide our students with an interdisciplinary learning experience, facilitating interdepartmental and interdisciplinary projects and enabling students to engage with experimental perspectives.
  • Excellence in education is rooted in socially aware and intelligent individuals. In recognition of this fact, the University of the Arts actively pursues its equal opportunities policy and seeks to deliver family-friendly work and study frameworks.