With an integrative, interdisciplinary approach and a broad spectrum of artistic and musical disciplines, the HfK Bremen sees itself as an institution in which research, practice, teaching and transfer are not only in constant dialogue, but are closely interlinked and always profit from each other as they grow in their own spheres.

As an ongoing exploration, research at the HfK is working on intricate paths of understanding, experiencing, on seeing and thinking differently, on the reflective development of questions and the exploration of artistic methods and approaches. Investigative action, reflection and questioning are carried out in a knowledge-oriented and open-minded manner, without finding direct or simple solutions to problems being the top priority. Rather, key is to continually explore the diverse connection between art and science – as two ways of viewing the world and determining one's position – while discussing how this endeavour can be approached and pursued. 

In this sense, research at the HfK encompasses a broad, diverse spectrum of formats, approaches and questions: from application-related teaching projects, to R&D projects such as practical partnerships and research-oriented teaching, as well as thematically limited basic research and content-methodological joint projects. The tasks of the Office also include strengthening, structurally locating and making visible the self-image and understanding of artistic research and research at art and music universities.

Since October 2020, it has also been possible to pursue an artistic-scientific doctorate in a binational process with European partner universities and as part of the postgraduate phase at the HfK. 

As diverse as the configurations, formats and questions of research can be, the projects that emerge from them are just as diverse.