Research Promotion

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The HfK Bremen would like to continue to sharpen our profile in the areas of art/music and research across disciplines in the future. For this purpose, the team at the Executive Office for Research Promotion and the Promotion of Young Talents advises, accompanies and supports teachers, artistic and scientific staff and students in all areas of funding for artistic, artistic-scientific and scientific projects and research projects: from the initial concept idea to individual research for suitable funding formats through to support with the application and project coordination. This includes national third-party funding agencies (DFG, DAAD, BMBF) as well as European (EU, Horizon Europe, SNF) and international sources of funding. 

As a strategic and operational interface between various organisational units, with regard to current developments in research and university policy topics relating to research and its funding and in its activities in international networks, the Office advises and informs the Rectorate on the content and structure of relevant development and design tasks. 

In addition to the transfer department, the Office is also the right contact for all internal (Germany scholarships, H. A. Bockmeyer travel scholarships, etc.) as well as external scholarships, project funding and funding for stays abroad (DAAD, Culture Moves Europe, etc.) for students.

The Office accompanies and is available to researchers and teachers from application planning to project completion and its implementation. We advise and support step by step, both within the framework of individual consultations and exchange meetings with potential cooperation partners, in the realisation of the project and the acquisition of third-party funds.

Application planning

We support teachers and researchers who are planning a project in ensuring both the external and internal requirements and discuss the internal anchoring of the projects in terms of content as well as the necessary capacities and infrastructure with them (rooms, workstations, etc.).


We support teachers and researchers who are planning a project in ensuring both the external and internal requirements and discuss the internal anchoring of the projects in terms of content as well as the necessary capacities and infrastructure with them (rooms, workstations, etc.).

Realise ideas

Together we examine funding opportunities, help initiate collaborations and provide information about internal offers (central funds, special tenders, etc.) as well as the respective processes that must be adhered to.

Freedom of research and teaching is also the first priority when it comes to research funding. At the level of planning, service and administration, conditions and procedures should be developed that are sensitive to the needs and everyday realities of all areas in general and of an art and music university in particular. Communication and coordination with external decision-makers (funders, ministries, etc.) therefore always has to focus on the task of maintaining the integrity of a project in the process of funding, implementation and processing. 

To ensure this, internal or national legal requirements such as the requirements of the funding organisations must be adhered to. This concerns issues such as ensuring good scientific practice, the third-party funding regulations or the DFG usage guidelines, the legal rules for German university projects abroad, but also policies on open access or research data management. 

In order to be able to design certain framework conditions and requirements as efficiently as possible and with little effort for everyone involved, it makes sense to contact the Office at an early stage.

Promoting young artists and artistic-scientific talent at an early stage and at crucial interfaces with  support that is tailored to their individual needs to the largest possible extent is crucial in order to be able to develop their potentials sustainably and for the future. 

Regardless of where you want to go, the staff office supports you with information and advice when applying for 

  • Study scholarships (Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes, Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung etc.)
  • Artist in residencies
  • Scholarships for a stay abroad (DAAD, Culture Moves Europe u.a.)
  • In-country scholarships (Deutschlandstipendium, H. A. Bockmeyer-Reisestipendium etc.)
  • Job advertisements


Learning from each other as equals and forming networks and communities are important here. 

Therefore, the student initiatives Language Assistance and Stipa were launched, in which students from both departments advise fellow students on questions about financing, scholarships, applications, but also on correspondence with authorities or language problems. 

Language Assistance aids with writing letters in German, preparing and providing linguistic support for administrative visits, or even addressing language problems in teaching.

You are welcome to approach the team confidentially via email at:

As a contact point, Stipa offers initial information about scholarships, applications and who you can turn to with financial questions:

In addition, the Office also offers information and advice on the topic of startups, start-up initiatives and the development of ideas for the transition to self-employment. This also happens in cooperation with the BRIDGE network of Bremen universities, that the HfK has joined the end of April 2022.

Making projects, activities and results visible and shareable, exchanging experiences and creating synergies is more important than ever. The Office offers support – also in collaboration with Unit 1 and the library – in finding ways, media and communities for the dissemination of artistic projects and in explaining the conditions for research data management. In addition to symposiums or publications in anthologies, there are many opportunities to share artistic, design and musical projects in an appropriate and holistic manner. 


In conjunction with Language Assistance, Stipa and the coordination of the Binational artistic PhD-program. the team of the Executive Office is shaping and organising the promotion of research and young talents across faculties and in collaboration. Nevertheless, certain team members primarily carry out the support and processing of specific tasks. 


  • Strategic and operational priority planning and cross-departmental implementation of structural measures and development tasks in the area of research
  • Advice and support for university teachers, artistic and scientific staff on artistic and/or scientific projects, including the conceptual and strategic orientation
  • Building, establishing and tending to (international) networks and strategic partnerships
  • Binational Artistic PhD-program
  • promotion of young talent


  • Central Funds (R&D, innovative teaching and interdisciplinary projects)
  • Deutschlandstipendium
  • H. A. Bockmeyer travel fellowhsip
  • Transfer, start-up initiatives and BRIDGE

Student Initiatives

Language Assistance

  • support with language problems
  • language support relating to office visits, correspondences and bureaucratic procedures
  • language issues arising during studies
  • offering orientation to students from abroad


  • Information and advice on study fellowships
  • support with applications for competitions, awards and requests for proposals
  • Initial information on financial questions and issues