Art and Design

Two people drawing in an art studio, surrounded by art materials and paintings.
© Hochschule für Künste Bremen – Anja Segermann

The Faculty of Fine Arts and Design at the HfK Bremen includes diploma and master's degree courses in Fine Arts as well as bachelor's and master's courses in Integrated Design and Digital Media.

The HfK combines the highest level of individual support with the diverse possibilities of interdisciplinary collaboration across the classic boundaries of individual sectors. It therefore offers the best conditions for developing one's own creative potential on a broad basis of aesthetic and creative expression.

Areas of study

Semester dates

  • 1.4.2024

    Start of summer semester 2024

  • 2.4.2024

    Start of lectures

  • 5.7.2024

    End of lectures

    (30 weeks of teaching)

  • 30.9.2024

    End of summer semester 2024

  • 1.10.2024

    Start of winter semester 2024/25

  • 14.10.2024

    Start of lectures

  • 23.12.2024–3.1.2025

    Semester break

  • 14.2.2025

    End of lectures

  • 31.3.2025

    End of winter semester 2024/25